hitt and company baltimore

For Matt Hitt, business is personal. The work that his firm, Hitt & Co. LLC, undertakes with its clients is based on trust and understanding. There is no specific profile of a Hitt client, and no requirements to become one, other than a shared enthusiasm to work together. This camaraderie means a lot to Hitt & Co. “Basically,” Hitt says, “if you don’t become our friend, you won’t remain our client.”

The full-service accounting firm specializes in tax planning and attestation, consults on business management, and is equipped to provide back office accounting support. Entrepreneurs and clients seeking to grow and expand their businesses will appreciate the Hitt & Co. passion and their strong background in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups. Matt Hitt describes himself as “an entrepreneur at heart.” Beyond his passion for working with companies, he says, “I enjoy working with the person behind the company.”