Hitt & Company provides offers multiple  services to their clients. From accounting services to back office support, Hitt & Company has the expertise businesses need.



Count on Hitt & Company to provide the practical advice to help your company grow. Our personalized approach to the comprehensive accounting services we provide remains the foundation of our firm’s practice.

From auditing financial statements and analyzing your accounting control systems, to evaluating your office procedures and recommending improvements, we will help you build a sound business and financial structure that supports growth and protects your company’s future. Unlike many advisors, our approach is to view the financial statements as the beginning, not the end result of our work.

Our accounting, auditing and attestation services include:

  • Audit, Review and Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Computation of Forecasts and Projections
  • Evaluation of Internal Controls
  • Assistance in Identifying and Securing Funding Opportunities (Assistance with funding decisions)
  • In-house Payroll Processing and Reporting Services
  • Bookkeeping, Back Office Support and Controllership Services
  • Monitoring New Statutes, Regulations and staying up to date with GAAP

PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS: In order to assess the quality of a member firm’s practice and compliance with professional standards, the AICPA conducts practice monitoring “Peer Reviews.” We take pride in receiving the highest rating available to any accounting practice by successfully passing our peer review. We are also one of a few firms who have passed without a letter of comments.

Business Management

The entrepreneurial professionals at Hitt & Company become part of your management team. Our experienced consulting advisors analyze your business and financial needs, anticipate and resolve your potential problems and identify and take advantage of business opportunities.

We assist organizations in every facet of business and financial management, where our objective viewpoint is invaluable. We have a broad range of expertise necessary to help companies deal with complex business issues, such as:

  • Innovative Bidding Methods
  • Burden Rate Cost Analysis
  • Prevailing Wage Analysis
  • Advice on Industry Compensation Issues
  • Profit Planning and Financial Forecasting
  • Financing Options and Opportunities Guidance
  • Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Pricing and Discounting
  • Materials and Inventory Control
  • Succession Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis

Tax Planning & Reporting

accounting and tax assistanceThe complex and constantly changing arena of taxation plays a major role in determining the pace and direction of your business growth and profitability. Hitt & Company has significant experience in advising clients on the tax implication of business transactions. The philosophy of our tax practice centers on creative and aggressive tax planning. With lead time, we give our clients more flexibility and options to eliminate, reduce or defer tax obligations.

We serve sole proprietors, partnerships, closely held corporations, estates and trusts, providing clients with timely advice on emerging developments that impact their daily business decisions.

Our tax expertise is there to assist you in:

  • Tax Issues Pertinent to Contractors
  • Completed Contract vs. Percentage of Completion
  • The Look Back Rule
  • Alternative Minimum Taxes
  • Corporate Taxation and Tax Aspects of Reorganization
  • Individual, Partnership and Estate Taxation
  • Advanced Structuring of Specific Transactions
  • Interacting with Government Taxing Authorities
  • Monitoring New Statues, Regulations and Judicial
  • Representation before Taxing Authorities

Payroll Preparationcalculator-payroll

Whether your business is large or small, payroll preparation is time-consuming, complex and expensive.   Although we do not prepare payroll, we can recommend a payroll service to meet your needs.  We will work with them and you to ensure your needs are met timely and inexpensively.

Back Office

As your business or organization grows, the time and resources required for bookkeeping, budgeting, and other accounting tasks steadily increases, taking you away from the business of what you do best. Proper financial planning and analysis is a vital ingredient to take your business to the next level.

Have you considered hiring a full-time controller to give your business the financial attention it deserves, but found the cost prohibitive? Back-Office Accounting Services provided by Hitt & Company offer an alternative and cost efficient solution to optimizing your company’s performance. By making this investment in your business on a more cost effective basis, you will gain a better understanding of your company’s current financial position and be more proactive in steering your company in its future growth.

Below is a list of the services available:


  • Bookkeeping, including invoicing, bill paying, accounts receivable and payable maintenance.
  • Month end close and monthly financial statement preparation
  • Current versus prior period report preparation and analysis
  • Actual versus budgeted report preparation and analysis
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable report generation and analysis
  • Job cost /cost accounting reports
  • Staff wage cost, tax and benefit reports
  • Product line profit contribution reports


  • Preparing and maintaining financial budgets
  • Development of long term (3-5 year) strategic plans
  • Cash flow planning and cash requirements analysis
  • Cash management
  • Finding, developing and maintaining financing and shareholder relationships
  • Acquisition, divestiture and merger planning


  • Insurance management
  • Internal control review and implementation
  • Employee incentive plan review


  • Accounting software systems installation and customization
  • Quickbooks TM interface technology set up and maintenance
  • Training and support