matt hitt photo Matt Hitt is what you might call a financial Renaissance man: At the age of 25, he was one of the country’s youngest corporate tax managers at a Fortune 500 company. Since then, he’s owned – or been an active board member of – some of Maryland’s most dynamic businesses, including Maryland’s largest retail beverage company, a major food export distributor (supplier to Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Café among others), one of Maryland’s oldest furniture retailers, Baltimore’s only truck and heavy equipment wash facility and the developer of patented natural language software.

Over the years, Matt has never lost sight of the basics. He’s been a practicing CPA for more than 40 years, and throughout his career, Matt has been aware of the special needs of investors and business owners – both large and small. He hasn’t isolated himself in an ivory tower. That’s just not his style.

Matt’s first love is public accounting and he understands the ongoing concerns, both financial and non-financial, of business owners. He has been, and still is, a small business owner and he knows your problems because he lives them every day. He’s also a smart accountant who understands that his relationships with clients involve detailed personal information, and utmost trust is essential. Matt’s clients understand that his goal is to work closely with each client to help them build and protect their wealth.