matt hitt photo

Matt has been practicing for over 45 years since starting his career at Price Waterhouse before the advent of the personal computer. During this time, he has worked as a practicing CPA in his own practice since the mid 80’s. His prior experience also includes private industry, once being one of the youngest corporate tax managers of a Fortune 500 company, to owning several businesses in hospitality, distribution, retail and transportation. He has served on the boards of hospitals, education institutions and in private industry.

During this time, he continues to gain the trust of his clients and practices with a singular purpose, to advise and serve the clients interest over all else. This has included serving as trustee on numerous client engagements and managing family offices for several clients.

Matt understands the ongoing concerns, both financial and non-financial, of business owners. He has been, and still is, a small business owner and he knows your problems because he lives them every day. He understands that his relationships with clients involve detailed personal information, and utmost trust is essential. Matt’s clients understand that his goal is to work closely with each client to help them build and protect their wealth.